About us

Eco-Friendly. Animal Approved.

NEPCO has been providing safe, long-lasting, all-natural pet bedding and litter products for nearly 60 years.

When it comes to keeping animals happy and healthy, there is no such thing as compromise. We understand that the unique relationship between people and their pets is timeless. It is a bond of trust, and we help keep that bond strong by developing bedding and litter that is safe, all natural, and chemical free. This is why all of our products are made from pioneered wood fibers. The fibers we use all come from sustainably harvested wood to ensure that we do not disrupt Mother Nature while we create the best products for you, our customers. We are committed to providing you with the cleanest, greenest, and highest quality pet supplies and bedding possible. It may be a small role, but it is a role we take seriously, do extremely well, and are very proud of.

Our History

Founded in Warrensburg, New York, in 1955 as Northeastern Products Corp, NEPCO has earned the reputation of being the animal bedding and litter industry’s leading innovator and manufacturer of clean, environmentally friendly wood fiber-based bedding and litter products.

In the mid 1960s we pioneered the use of wood fiber-based products by using fiber from a virgin log to create wood chip bedding.

In 1982, we expanded to our second location in Caspian, Michigan, a region that is rich in Aspen and other hard woods. Aspen wood naturally possesses hypo-allergenic properties which makes it perfect for use as animal bedding.

In the late 1980s, we established our third manufacturing facility in Columbia, Kentucky. Columbia is situated in an area with abundant availability of Aromatic Red Cedar and allowed us to once again enter the pet bedding market by complementing our Northeastern Shavings product line with Red Cedar Shavings.

We also began expanding into a new market about 30 years ago, by developing a new product line created for all of your meat smoking needs. This product, once again is made with all natural wood particles, designed to give your meat a little extra flavor.

In the 1990’s we continued to grow in response to customer need, by creating Cedarific, a cat litter. In the last couple of years we have also created the clumping version of Cedarific, Easy Earth. Go check out our new website www.cedarific.com to learn more about our cat litter products.

Today, we proudly continue growing in our tradition of seeking out better ways to service you, our loyal customer. Through our consumer pet products division we now offer the following lines: Bird and Reptile Litter, Corn Cob Bedding, and  Northeastern Shavings Bedding (Aspen, Pine, and Red Cedar). Our non pet product division includes our Hardwood Meat Smoking Sawdust.

We invite you to contact us for more information about our products, services, manufacturing techniques and procedures.